Using Semaphore and Memory Sharing Extensions for Vulkan Interop with NVIDIA OpenCL

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New OpenCL support for Vulkan interoperability using semaphores and memory sharing extensions.

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Thank you for this information. The sample code is not allowing download:

Also, do you know of any good resources for installing OpenCL on RHEL 8 or do most people install from source? Thanks for your time.

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Hi! Sorry to hear this. What error message are you getting? Are you on a Windows or Linux platform? What browser are you using? If Windows, have you checked your Download folder to see if the Zip file is there? We will continue to investigate why this is happening.

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The sample doesn’t work.


auto vertShaderCode = readFile(“shader.vert”); // GLSL source code! :)))

VkShaderModule vertShaderModule = createShaderModule(vertShaderCode); // Crash :))))
Vulkan doesn’t know about GLSL :)))

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Thanks for trying out and reporting the issue. We are working on updating the samples to use SPIR-V shaders.

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༼ つ ◕__◕ ༽つ Finally! Was waiting for some kind of convergence with OpenCL interops, if seemed to have been dropped there in limbo for a while 😅