Using sky environnement

hi all,
I can’t seem to use the sun placement and rotation correctly, can you tell me which setting should I use.

Hello @wawaron94! Here is a link to our documentation for the Sun Study Extension: Sun Study — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Let me know if this helps! If not, I will grab someone from the dev team to help you!

Hello WendyGramazimuth-altitude-sun_position

thanks for the link but that doesn’t really help me, in fact i would like to know which setting i need to change to move the sun.
there are several elements in the sky environment, how the course of the sun is decomposed in this sky.
I saw in a presentation at the GTC an environment tab in create but it does not seem accessible to all, or I did not find it.
thank yu

@wawaron94 I’ve directed your post to the development team. You should have a reply shortly!

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A couple of different ways to use the sky system - simplest is to load the Sun Study extension

And then you would look for that under Window, Sun Study … it will pop up the Sun Study control so you can set the time and it will set the altitude/azimuth correctly.

A deeper approach would be to look at the Properties of the Sky. Go to the Stage window and click on the Environment to look at the sky that is setup.

If you move the Sun Study TOD slider, you’ll see the changes made to the Properties.

Other affects on the Sun (max elevation, etc.) is based on Longitude/Latitude/Day (time of year). Take a look at the Property values for Cloudy Sky.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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hi @bharrison

thank you
I will try, I think that’s what I saw in a presentation videoI’ll try, I think that’s what I saw in a presentation video.

re @bharrison
it is perfect to have the position of the sun in relation to the time of day but the AxisAzimuth parameter does not modify anything in my view, the sun does not move.
I would like to reproduce the effect of the 20 Fenchurch Street building with Iray as well as the caustics.

@wawaron94 -
I think i understand what your issue is. You tried to change the value in the “Y” edit field of the transform of AxisNorth. You entered a value manually in that field and nothing changes. This seems to be a problem.

As a work around, can you try this:

  1. Load the Sun Study extension
  2. under the Window menu, find the “Set Location”
  3. will display a dialog that will allow you to change long/lat AND North. Use the sliders to change values.

AxisNorth will be changes in the transform window and the viewport should reflect this.
I will report this issue. Please tell me if this works for you


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yes exactely but in Paris is 12 PM
i testing tomorrow

it’s ok with Sun location parameter