Using Tao version 5.0.0-tf2.11.0

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• Network Type: ActionRecognitionNet
Tao docker image:
I am using tao docker version tao-toolkit:5.0.0-tf2.11.0. Nothing come out in docker as shown in attached picture. Always show command not found.

What is wrong with docker?

When you run inside the docker, it is not needed to add “tao” in the beginning.

Yeah but mask_rcnn also no command found. Pls see in attached image.

(base) sysadmin@workstation:~/Nyan$ docker run --runtime=nvidia -it --rm --entrypoint "" -v $PWD:/workspace -p 8888:8888   /bin/bash
root@d3ab928b19ef:/opt/nvidia# ssd
bash: ssd: command not found

According to this page, I need to choose right docker image for required commands.

5.0.0-tf2.9.1 has only 1. classification_tf2 and 2. efficientdet_tf2

Need to choose 5.0.0-pyt for action_recognition

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Yes, for different networks, please use different docker.

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