using Tensorflow 1.4, Ubuntu 16.04 and Titan XP

Hi all
I am relatively new to Deep learning. I am trying to setup my Ubuntu 16.04 with Titan XP so that I can use tensorflow 1.4 with GPU capability.

I installed CUDA 9.1 and cuDNN 7.05 unfortunately tensorflow 1.4 pre-built version is only compatible with CUDA 8 and cuDNN 6.0.

Can someone please confirm Titan XP is compatible with CUDA 8.0 GA2 and cuDNN 6.0.

Thank you in advance

Yes, you can use Titan XP with CUDA 8.0 GA2 and cuDNN 6.0. For your current setup, assuming you have instaleld CUDA 9.1 (and the driver) correctly, you don’t need to change the driver. You can do a “side-by-side” install of CUDA 8.0 GA2. The linux install guide gives useful information about how to do this, for both runfile and package manager install methods.

Briefly, for runfile, you’ll need to use the runfile installer but don’t select installation of the driver.

For package manager method, install the cuda-toolkit-8.0 package (only).

In either case, don’t forget to modify your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables accordingly.

Hi txbob

Thank you very much for the information.