Using the BroadR-Reach ethernet interface located on the AutoLink connector


in order to transmit video data using the AVB protocol, we would like to make a point-to-point connection between a Renesas R-Car E3 based board and an NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 board, using the BroadR-Reach interface on the AutoLink connector.

Is such a connection ever possible?

We have been trying to no avail to accomplish this task, so please, can anyone share his/her experience (or at least some advice) with AVB + BroadR-Reach/AutoLink?

Thank you in advance!


BroadR-Reach need ethernet phy to support, Drive PX2 use ethernet swith 88E6321 don’t have this feature support, that’s can’t work.

Hi JimWang,

thanks for the answer.

Sorry, but I am a bit confused…
From the datasheet I can see that the internal Marvell EAVB switch 88E6321 is already connected to a BroadR-Reach 100Mb PHY BCM89811. So, the use case depicted in my first post sould be perfectly feasible.
If for some reason it is not, is there any other way to send video data using the AVB protocol from the Drive PX2 to an external AVB-compliant device? Is an external AVB ethernet switch needeed (for example this one:

Thank you


Yes you are right but only P2 of 88e6321 connect to phy BCM89811.

By P2 you mean Port 2, right?

If yes, I think my use case should work, because I’m trying to connect an external device to the Drive PX2 using the HS Autolink II connector, which is directly connected to the PHY BCM89811 (I am not using the standard RJ45 ethernet port).

Is that correct?

If not, how can I use the HS Autolink II connector to connect another device to the Drive PX2, making such device visible at least to the Tegra A?


Any news?