Using the Expansion Header SPI to control multiple peripheral modules

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Hi, I want to control multiple peripheral modules using the Expansion Header SPI1 in Xavier AGX. I’ve followed this tutorial to enable the SPI pins on the expansion header.

However, I don’t see any option to use SPI to control external devices. In contrast, when I interface a single device using UART, I can communicate with the device using COM port /dev/ttyTHS0, but I’m not able to find on web whether

  • Any COM port (similar to that for UART) works for SPI?, or
  • Would I need to use some API/ Python module to use SPI? And which one specifically.

I did find one example that uses SPI pins to communicate with peripheral device, but it uses custom Python module, named “board”, for communication.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how can I control my peripheral device using SPI from Expansion Header.

[This tutorial] ( only for the pin configure, you still need modify the device tree or have device driver for it. Have a reference to below link.