Using the I2S in same time with a camera using the i2C


Sorry i’m a newbie in all of that, hope it’s not a problem.

I’m using an embedded camera (from e-con systems) wich is plugged on J49 (CAM1)
to use it i’ve downloaded the software provided by e-con systems and it works great.

I’m using too an ADC for audio input which uses I2S protocol.
when i’m modifiying pin configurations with “” to reconfigure pins in i2s4, the camera stop working.

Does anyone have an answer to this? :/

thanks in advance for your answers and sorry for my bad English!

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

thank you for your answer @kayccc,

I’ve searched a bit on my side to find the answer and this is what i found:

  • To enable I2S and use the camera in the same time I have to add support in device tree overlay
  • I have to create a .dts file and compile it to add it to the dtbo

Unfortunately, on the NVIDIA site which explains how to do so:

I can’t find the “jetson-header-name property values” for the CSI of a Jetson nano

If i’ll find answers, i’ll update this post!

please try using Jetson TX1/TX2 CSI Connector .