Using the I2S Interfaces for Audio Output


Yes this looks good to me. Are you saying above that this is not working? If so can you elaborate on what does not work? Do you see any errors or just no audio?


Hi Jon

I tested again in other board measuring without the pcm1690 and apparently all is correct, possibly the problem is in the last step because I dont have sound (I tested with dsp_a and dsp_b)

I tested again with the speaker-test command and I removed a muti plugin because in TDM don’t needed it (Is it right?)

amixer -c tegrasndt186ref cset name="I2S1 Mux" "ADMAIF1"
speaker-test -D hw:tegrasndt186ref,0 -c 6 -r 48000 -F S16_LE -t sine -f 500

MasterCloc pin - 12 MHz

LRClk pin - 48 KHz

Pin data with valid data

Other pin Data without data (Only 1 pin of 4 has signal. I think it’s because in TDM the channels only go through one port)

Bitclock - 3 MHz (I have doubts about it)

Do you know how can I confirm if the data is correct? Or maybe is a problem with the pcm?

Thank you