Using the virtual gamepad for controlling the robot in Unity3D

I have been trying to get the virtual gamepad working in order to control the Robot in the simulation.
I have followed this tutorial:
But when it comes to establishing the connection between the virtual gamepad bridge and the codelet processing the joystick messages at 4. I don’t know what to connect the joystick with, since I can’t access the carter_joystick in the navigation application.

I am using Isaac 2019.3 with Unity3D Simulation.

Hi Joshua,
Which application are you using? The one with configuration //apps/navsim/
This one should include the virtual gamepad by default.

You can access the joystick through the commander node which is pointing to //packages/navigation/apps/differential_base_commander.subgraph.json.

If you look into differential_base_commander.subgraph.json you can see that the steps 1-4 (in the documentation) are already included.

Please see if the reply in Navsim_navigate: Backend's VirtualGamepadBridge is not ready yet helps you.