Using the VST UI for viewing a live camera feed increases RAM usage until the system hangs

When we used VST UI to add the video source (rtsp://:8558/mystream) to the VST service the video source is added successfully. However, we are facing the following issues:

The RAM consumption on our Jetson device tends to start increasing quickly , when we enable the live stream or visualize the recorded data in the sample web app. This happens to a point where the system hangs.

Kindly let us know the solution to the aforementioned issues.

Thanks for reporting the issue. I will check it and feedback here.

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Can you have a try change below setting in ai_nvr/config/vst/vst_config.json?

Change: “use_webrtc_inbuilt_encoder”: “h264”, to “use_webrtc_inbuilt_encoder”: “”,


Thanks @kesong, It works.

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