Using Turing Mesh Shaders: NVIDIA Asteroids Demo

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The NVIDIA Asteroids demo showcases how the mesh shading technology built into NVIDIA’s Turing GPU architecture can dramatically improve performance and image quality when rendering a substantial number of very complex objects in a scene. The following video highlights the capabilities of the mesh shader in the Asteroids demo. This video shows off the Asteroids demo in…

Looks great, performed better. Dat tris count..

This is amazing, when it comes to video games? Is it a driver solution for all games running on Turing or its a per-game solution?

Like most things NVidia does, this will almost certainly be an SDK or added as an update to be part of the already existing NVidia SDK (Gameworks?). From there, it'll be implemented into game engines that developers use. Some developers might go ahead and add it themselves on a per game basis (requiring downloading the 20GB+ UE4 source code, NVidia SDK, and integrating manually + hooking up all of the relevant stuff - a pretty heavy undertaking for most when it comes to such a feature) but otherwise it'll just be enabled once added by the engine teams (Unreal and Unity basically).

Mind you, this is just a great culling tool. Rushing a ray traced game to market, no matter how bad, would sell like mad right now and no one's done it so don't expect it to happen tbh. Even an update to a pre-existing game to add Ray tracing.

Nv extensions for OpenGL and Vulkan have been released and one can write software using mesh shaders.

Hi. It would be great if we can get the sources of this demo as well, no only the executable.

While the full source code for this particular demo won't be released, we are prepping a getting-started package which includes some code samples from the demo.

These code samples plus additional tutorial information will first be presented at a session at GDC and will be available on after that.

Why not release the source code? I truly don't get it... just remove music and art if that is an issue. I really don't care if it is programmer art. This "holding back" thing doesn't sit well. If anything putting things like this into peoples hands is a great starting point. It's hardly a game (or whatever) at this stage.

This demo should be released for common avaiablitlity .
People would want to see RTX Graphics card capability .
I dont think login to dev works is required

This demo is available with DevZone registration. It's free with a valid email address. Hope that helps.

would be nice if this was on Nvidias "Demos" page for free without the need of an email