Using two e-con CAM50_CUNANO Cameras with one Jetson B01 Carrier


I’m fairly new to the Jetson Nano ecosystem, and am hoping to find some clarity on a camera compatibility issue. Has anybody used two of these cameras on one Jetson Carrier B01 board? Support for e-con has been limited to telling me only one two lane camera is supported by the carrier board, but all of their images show their products plugged into the earlier revision carrier, and rephrasing my question doesn’t seem to change their copy and paste response.

I’d like to know if there’s any success in the community using two of these units at once on the revised carrier. The SP-09732-001_v1.1 specification document clearly states that 2 lanes are available per camera port, and I’ve got a pair of Raspberry Pi V2.1 cameras running together on my desk now seemingly supporting that. If it’s all true, my confusion stems from someone repeatedly talking me out of a purchase at their company.

Before I further consider or completely dismiss spending $220 on cameras, I’d like to hear from the community about this. Thank you for any insight you have on the matter!

Nano default support two Pi V2.1 cameras.