Using unified memory in GTX 1070 with CUDA 8

Hello, developers

According to NVIDIA developer website, Pascal architecture (GTX 1070/1080) supports 2TB size of unified memory with CUDA 8.
I am wondering if this support is only for linux or any os.
If it is for all os including Windows, I would like to know what specific CUDA api need to be called for memory allocation.

Thank you in advance.

It should work on windows for a GPU in a 64-bit OS.

You can access it via e.g. cudaMallocManaged()

Refer to the UM section of the programming guide at The specific platform requirements for support of UM are laid out there.

Do you mean I can use UM with GTX 1070/1080 but can’t make UM with 2TB?
If I need UM with size of 2GB, can I use cudaMallocManaged() or need to use some other API?

Thank you for your response.

Sorry, I think my previous comment was incorrect, I edited it.

I think you should be able to “oversubscribe” your GPU using cudaMallocManaged(). I don’t have a windows setup handy to test it.

I don’t know exactly how much oversubscription there can be. I recently ran a test on linux with a Titan X (Pascal) that has 8GB, where I oversubscribed it to 60GB in a box that had 64GB.

I don’t know about 2TB or what the actual upper limit is. Pascal GPUs have a 49bit TLB, so in theory they should be able to map more than 2TB, but I don’t know if there is a published upper limit or what it may be.

Perhaps you may just want to try it. Again, you may wish to read the UM section in the programming guide.