Using USB ports on the Jetson TX1

I am trying to use a USB port on the Jetson TX1 mounted on the Auvidia J120 Carrier board in order to send serial commands through it.
when i use ‘lsusb’ I get a list of the devices connected to the USB ports, However I am unable to figure out how to connect to that particular port.
I am trying to use the screen command to test my initial connection, but since I do not know the port name , I am unable to do so.
And help on how to find out the usb port name and connect to it would be really appreciated.

I’m not familiar with the J120 or what you have connected, but usually there is a brief device description in “lsusb”, with more information under “lsusb -v”. If you want to limit a verbose listing to a given ID (the ID is from just “lsusb”) you could do something like “sudo lsusb -d 0955:7721’” and see all kinds of details for just that ID.

The tree view may give you an idea of what is connected per HUB and port:

lsusb -t

If you are talking about a serial UART over USB there will be a second driver required to actually make the “/dev/ttyUSB#” show up. If you have that driver in place, and if you have only one serial UART, the default would mean there is a single ttyUSB# listed as “/dev/ttyUSB0”. If udev is involved, then you probably would also have “/dev/serial/” with subdirectories “by-id” and “by-path”…these are symbolic links which point to the actual tty.

FTDI serial UARTS should be in place by default, others may need a driver added.

Monitoring “dmesg --follow” while you attach or detach the USB device may provide a log to say what has loaded/unloaded.