Using value loaded through in if condition fails


I’m trying to load an int from global memory and use it in a subsequent if condition. For some reason, the if condition is being evaluated incorrectly. Here is a small sample where the problem reproduces:

__global__ void DummyKernel(uint32_t* pings_ptr) {
  uint32_t pings = 0;
  uint32_t threshold = 2;
  asm(" %0,[%1];" : "=r"(pings) : "l"(pings_ptr));
  for (uint32_t count = 0; count < 4; count++)
    if(threadIdx.x==0) {
      while (count > threshold + pings) {
        asm(" %0,[%1];" : "=r"(pings) : "l"(pings_ptr));
      printf("Spin done. %u must now be <= %u\n", count, threshold + pings);

int main() {

  cudaStream_t cuda_stream;
  CUDACHECK(cudaStreamCreateWithFlags(&cuda_stream, cudaStreamNonBlocking));

  uint32_t* pings;
  CUDACHECK(cudaMalloc(&pings, sizeof(uint32_t)));
  CUDACHECK(cudaMemset(pings, 0, sizeof(uint32_t)));

  int num_threads = 128;
  int num_threadblocks = 1;
  DummyKernel<<<num_threadblocks, num_threads, 0, cuda_stream>>>(pings);

When I run the above code, I get

Spin done. 0 must now be <= 2
Spin done. 1 must now be <= 2
Spin done. 2 must now be <= 2
Spin done. 3 must now be <= 2

Note that the third and fourth lines should not be printed.

If I comment out the asm line within the while loop, then it works as expected.

What am I doing wrong?


Using asm volatile instead of asm fixes the problem. I assume compiler moved around the asm instruction without considering the data dependency.

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