Using VPI 1.2 on Jetpack 5.0.2

Dear all,

I have been facing some issues with some code that we cannot migrate from VPI 1.2 to VPI 2.1. From 1.2 to 2.1, there are many changes, including those in VPI 2.0 to VPI 2.1. Is there a way to use the VPI 1.2 API on Jetpack 5.0.2 without upgrading VPI from 1.2?

I have tried to use the .deb package from an older Jetpack, but it requires CUDA 10.2, which is not available a.f.a.i.k.

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Unfortunately no.

VPI has some dependencies with the library integrated into the OS, ex. libcupva.
So please use VPI 2.1 for r35.1.


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