Using Windows subsystem for Unix PGI work station 7.25

I am trying to compile using PGI Workstation 7.2-5 on Windows 2008.
How ever i am am not able to set pgcc include path to read header files(unistd.h) from SUA/usr/local/include

Is there a particular command that i need to execute to append CPATH to modify my include path.

i have been using this command so far

export CPATH=C:/Windows/SUA/usr/include:$CPATH

Am i not reading something correctly. Any help/suggestions…


Hi kyopark,

Are you using the PGI Windows or SUA compilers?

On Windows, “unistd.h” is not a supported system header file nor can you use SUA headers and libraries.

On SUA, the path to the system header files is included by default, but you can add “-I/usr/include” to the command line to add include directories.

  • Mat