Using Xavier NX production module on devkit carrier board


Because of the worldwide chip shortage it’s difficult to get Jetson NX B01 carrier boards in europe. But ofcourse we want to progress in our development and not wait till march 2022 to go further. We have both the A02 carrier board and the easily buyable Jetson Nano 2gb kit.

Swapping around we figured out that the 2gb board combined with jetson nano 4gb module ethernet is not working for example.

We tested the module on the old A02 version, but as far as I can read online it should not work. The 2gb dev kit looks allot like the B01 version. See above. We would like to know if the NX works on the 2gb dev kit board? If not can instructions be supplied to make this work? Are the pinmux files available for this?

Please check Considerations when using Jetson Xavier NX module with Nano devkit carrier - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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