Using XT30/XT60 ports to power TX1

I’m a beginner DJI developer and I chose to use Jetson TX1 as my platform. The quadrocopter has XT30/XT60 ports but I’m not too familiar on how to hook it up to Jetson TX1.

XT30/XT60 ports both have the following specs:

Output Voltage: 20-26.1V
Max Continuous Output current: 10A


From this thread(, dusty_nv said TX1 needs to meet this spec:

4S LiPO (4 cell / 14.8 nominal / 16.8V charged)

Would it be better for me to buy a new battery or hook it up to XT30/XT60 ports with a converter? If XT30/XT60 ports, which converter do i need to purchase?

Thanks in advance.

What is the voltage from the ports? I saw one case where it was over 20V. Max voltage to the JTX1 is 19.6V. If the ports exceed 19.6V, then you’d need to regulate power down a little to use those ports (a DC-DC module might do the trick).

Yes, XT30/XT60 ports have output voltage above 20V and current of 10A.

What DC-DC module do i need to get? Can you share me a link to a specific item by any chance?

I wouldn’t suggest a specific one, but most dc-dc converters with an input matching the XT30/XT60 output voltage as its input, along with a conversion voltage in the 12V to 19.6V range, would do the job. You might see a listing of peak current requirement around 7.5A, but of course if the input handles 10A it wouldn’t hurt to have one capable of delivering that much current. I think in normal use without peripherals to power you might have an average case of pulling 10W to 15W (at 19V that’d be just under 1A). If you add peripherals which will draw USB power or PCIe power, then you might expect more current draw. I think with SATA and PCIe and USB you might need up to about 7.5A.

Here’s sample of some DC-DC converters in that neighborhood:

Someone who has actually used a DC-DC converter from that input range might have a more specific suggestion.

Thanks linuxdev. I’m not too familiar with dc-dc-converters, that’s why I asked if i could get a specific item so i can use that as a model and browse around more. I’ll do some more research.