Сustom node is not available after restarting the simulator

Hi Team!

I created a custom node in Isaac simulator following these instructions
This node is available in the search bar for instantiation and interaction with other components.
But after reloading the simulator, custom nodes disappear in the search bar and cannot be reused.

I solve this problem by doing the following steps:
remove directory “omni.new.extension”
click “Populate Extension” button
copy source code to destination folder

IsaacSim 2022.1.0
Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Its possible that the new extension you added is in a folder that is not in the default extension list.

In the extension manager window, click the gear icon and under “Extension Search Path” make sure that the folder your extension is in, is one of the paths listed there. Or add it manually.

I didn’t change the path for the new extension and the path exists in the default extension list.
Adding custom path does not solve the problem.
Creating a node on another PC gives the same result.
I have attached a video to this issue.

Ah I see, the view is very helpful :)
If you open up the extension manager window and look for that omni.new.extension, it will be disabled, you can set it to autoload and it will be enabled when isaac sim is started.

If you load the usd file after enabling the extension the node should show up

Ah, I will be more attentive, thanks for the help.

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