Usung Cuda For Adobe Premier Pro and Power DVD 9 Newbie to the CUDA side :)

heya guys
Ime pretty new to the Cuda scene so its gna take time to get me into the full power of the programme…
the main reason for using Cuda at this time is i want to use more of the GPU power rather than my cpu…
now…i usualy watch HD films using Power DVD 9 and edit my own video’s on Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 cs4
what are the best ways to use these two programmes for cuda ???
It is most likely a easy ass task but gotta start somewhere :rolleyes:

ohh and system specs before i go lol

CPU: Q6600 @ 3.4ghz
GPU’S : 2x 9800GTX+ SLI
4GB dominator DDR2
Windows xp 32bit :confused: lol but rubish with maxed memory out but ow well haha

think thats all you need to know i think haha

Windows FTW

You have to wait for the editors of these programs to implement CUDA or more probably OpenCL into their engines :-(