UTF-8 char in file name for texture_2d() causes compilation arror


While the MDL SDK supports generally UTF-8 files, I encountered a situation, where an unicode char in an UTF-8 encoded .mdl file (with a texture file name for texture_2d()) causes a compilation error “)” expected. For example the unicode “lion” (♌) char (UTF-8 0xE2 0x99 0x8C) works well when used in a file name.
But the “unicorn” char (🦄) (UTF-8 0xF0 0x9F 0xA6 0x84) is shown correctly in Windows Explorer and in the Notepad Editor; and even here in the forum, but when compling a file with such a char in its file name in the UTF-8 encoded .mdl file, MDL SDK, reports compilation error “)” expected .

F0       11110000
9F       10011111
A6       10100110
84       10000100

I’ve found nothing indicating any UTF-8 changes in the relase notes / documentation, so
the MDL SDK 2020.1.2 version of the file compilercore_wchar_support.cpp seems to be still unchanged like in the latest version: github compilercore_wchar_support.cpp #L135

reproduce by renaming a jpg file to “🦄P♌M.jpg” and load this MDL material:

mdl 1.6;
import ::df::*;
import ::state::*;
import ::math::*;
import ::base::*;
import ::tex::*;
export material NodeMaterial(
  uniform texture_2d Texture = texture_2d("🦄P♌M.jpg", ::tex::gamma_srgb  ),
  float specular = 0.5,
  float roughness = 0.5,
  float ior = 1.5
) = let{
  base::texture_coordinate_info coordinate = base::coordinate_source(coordinate_system: base::texture_coordinate_object);
  float3 TexCoord3 = state::texture_coordinate(0);
  float2 TexCoord = float2(TexCoord3.x, TexCoord3.y);
  float4 TexImageReturn = tex::lookup_float4(Texture, TexCoord);
  bsdf DiffuseLayer = df::diffuse_reflection_bsdf(
    tint: color(TexImageReturn.x,TexImageReturn.y,TexImageReturn.z),  roughness: 0.0
  float roughnessU = roughness * 0.1;
  float roughnessV_2 = roughness * 0.1;
  bsdf GlossyShader_2 = df::microfacet_ggx_smith_bsdf(
    roughness_u: roughnessU,
    roughness_v: roughnessV_2,
    tint: color(1.0),
    mode: df::scatter_reflect
  float spec_weight_3 = specular * 0.08;
  bsdf BsdfPrincipledGGX_Return = df::weighted_layer(
    weight: spec_weight_3,
    layer: GlossyShader_2,
    base: DiffuseLayer
  bsdf scatteringBSDF = BsdfPrincipledGGX_Return;

} in material(
    surface: material_surface(
      scattering: scatteringBSDF

If you rename another jpg file to “P♌M.jpg” and also remove the unicorn char in the texture_2d () file name within the .mdl file, compilation succeeds.

my system:

  • Win10PRO 64bit (version 21H1; build 19043.1237)
  • device driver: 526.47
  • CUDA 11.8
  • MDL SDK 2020.1.2 ABI
  • (pre-compiled binaries MDL build 334300.5582, 12 Nov 2020)
  • VS2019 v16.11.17


thanks for the report. We can reproduce the issue and track this as MDL-1040.

Right now only Unicode characters up to U+FFFF are supported (the BMP). The unicorn is outside of that range. Of course, a proper error message is missing. Support for the full Unicode range is planned for later.

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