Utilize Lighting Roof Truss System for Outdoor Event

This Lighting Roof Truss System is suitable for outdoor situations. More importantly,this lighting truss system can be of help to hang quite a few equipment and lighting, it is produced in our rayk factory. Using lightweigh aluminum material tend to be simple to operate and transfer.Please take a look at the below details for much further understanding.It provides considerable set-up solution to heavy duty load suspension for the touring and live production industry. A compete set of roof trusses systems should about carry two chords(Pipes) which includes top chord and bottom chord, with a web system that spreads out the pressure and force. Then metal rigging that helps putting things together.Getting reliable and dependable trusses is a piece of cake, online truss purchasing and paying for ensures you are going to save your time moving all the hard and heavy truss system. Check RK for successful truss content and items, we make an effort to provide definitely the most suitable and most steady truss to your doorstep.Drawing on confirmed Roof Truss System techniques and facilitating compatibility with equivalent systems, and it proceeds one step further by incorporating the hottest jigging and production ways to allow higher accuracy and more robust long term performance. Supplied with a large number of different sizes, and with the international box corner, we rayk provides you with the durability and flexibility to be the solution to every respectable demand.You will have the best product at lower cost price. 987XMLTR 130607