Utilizing CUDA in After Effects

I heard that Nvidia’s CUDA software can be used to vastly accelerate rendering performance in After Effects (preferably 7.0). I have sought out an answer to the question of how this software is implemented but I have come up with nothing. If anyone knows how to use this product or can lend me a good resource it would be greatly appreciated. :ph34r:

I believe After Effects CS4 already includes GPU acceleration of filters and effects through the graphics API. There are also numerous plug-ins available that use the GPU (Red Giant etc).

On a related note, Elemental Technologies have some pretty cool CUDA-accelerated transcoding products:

I don’t think AE7.0 could be accelerated unless you wrote your own plugins that do computations with CUDA. However, like Simon Green said, the CS4 suite has been written with built-in GPGPU support.

Thanks for the information guys! Simon, you said that CS4 has acceleration support for filters and effects but does that include the final rendering process as well?