UVC emulation

Now I have an optical module with a sensor Aptina MT9P031
Tell me, can I make on the board Jetson TK1
a device that emulates UVC videocam then connected to PC,
which provides MJPEG compression?

Are there any examples?

I couldn’t tell you absolutely “yes”, but probably this can be done (I have no examples). There was an issue for a TX1 and TX2 not being able to go to device mode with isochronous streaming, but I think a TK1 can do isochronous mode. Can someone verify this works on TK1s even if not on a TX1/TX2?

Now I’m looking at the document:

“TRM NVIDIA Tegra k1 Mobile Processor”

there it is stated in ch.

TXT: TX Endpoint Type
0 = CTRL
1 = ISO
2 = BULK
3 = INTR

Is it right?

I believe it is correct for the TK1, but someone will have to confirm. I believe there was a correction to remove ISO endpoint type in the TX1/TX2 in device mode and would not apply to a TK1.

I think most TK1 can support most of the UVC cam, could you just try and report the problem what you met.

We want to make a standard UVC device with optical sensors
Now there is a choice of a chip, which will be the cornerstone of the system