UVC USB Camera on J90 carrier with TX1

I just received the TX1 SE kit; without the camera module. I am wondering if this camera module will work with the dev kit? [url]https://www.e-consystems.com/8MP-AF-UVC-USB-Camera.asp[/url].

I saw on elinux.org that it works with the TK1 but no info on TX1.

Also, down the line, once I have setup all the software/hardware for an autonomous robot, I am hoping to disconnect the TX1 module and use this J90 carrier https://auvidea.com/product/70761/

I would assume the UVC camera would also work with the J90 over USB without problems?

I am wondering if anyone has connected a USB hub to the dev kit or to any carrier board to get more USB inputs?

Finally I am thinking about purchasing this Neato LIDAR from EBay [url]http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/272804408556?chn=ps&dispItem=1[/url]

Any thoughts on how I can connect that to J90? Maybe through an Arduino over I2C?

Just as an FYI I had already implemented the robot using RPi 3 and ROS by offloading the ConvNet training to another ROS node, and now I would like to see how it would work real-time https://github.com/RazazRobotics/DeepQPiCar

USB HUBs work fine, it’s just ordinary USB. Powered HUBs are preferred since everything on a HUB tries to pull power from a single port if it isn’t powered. This helps any debugging in cases of USB issues (power can be added or removed from a powered HUB and it will reroute its power delivery to end points with whichever “best” power source is available).