UWB or LoRa telecom module compatibility

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I’m working on a drone swarm research project and we are interested to acquire Jetson (Nano or TX2) to integrate on drone to perform flocking algorithm.

One of the key element is the communication between drones and I’d like to know if, apart from the Wifi, it exists and if it’s possible to plug UWB or LoRa module directly in a Jetson ?
So far I couldn’t find such implementation, so I imagine other solution like plugging in the Jetson module on a carrier that would support also com module but I don’t know then how to connect to the Jetson module, is it SPI,I2C or UART ?

Any ressource is appreciated as I couldn’t find much so far.

Thank you for your time

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Hi, a custom carrier board is necessary to power on module and route out interface as needed. You can make design based on the OEM Design Guide and reference schematic in DLC. Also you can check with partners in ecosystem to see if any exist board can meet your request.

Hi Vincent.Dufour -

As Jetson’s largest hardware partner, we’ve integrated both UWB or LoRa modules for customers - both through custom designed carriers or with a slight modification to our standard available carriers. If you visit our website, you’ll see many standard carrier options for both the Nano and TX2 module.

If you want more information on the timeline and process to integrate a LoRa or UWB module for you, send us a quick email to sales@connecttech.com.

Let me know if you have any questions!


thank you for your answers, as I thought there are no ways to simply plug module through USB port or at least there are no partners that provide adapted solution for Jetson right ? @Trumany

I will have a look at your product @jross and I let you know if I have questions. Can I reach to you through this topic or is it preferable to use the sales email ?

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That sounds great Vincent! You’re certainly welcome to message me, but you will likely get faster, more robust answers by emailing the sales@connecttech.com account.

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No such way as a carrier board with power on management function is necessary.

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Ok thanks for the precise answer.
Last question about this, can the GPIO be useful to integrate communication module or not ? As there are usually SPI I2C etc cannot they be used ?


In general, GPIO is used as control signal. I2C, SPI, UART etc are used for communication.

Ok so if I get this well, I can use GPIO channel that extend I2C or SPI to integrate added com module (if they actually use SPI or UART etc of course) right ?

So I need the carrier board (wether it is the DevKit or another from a jetson partner) to access this GPIO right ? (the gpio aren’t accessible directly on the module).

Not sure about your question. Generally GPIO is used as a signal of enable/disable, interrupt or notification from/to external device, it has nothing to do with communication port (I2C, SPI…). Also it depends on your devices request on what the interface you need.

Okay I’ll try to be clearer.
Here is a link where it gives the J14 GPIO header description.

What I mean is that if I choose the right pin I can plug device in that uses I2C protocol for example to communicate with the device.
My question then was: if I find a UWB module that uses SPI / UART / I2C protocol could I use these GPIO pin (I imagine I do) ?
So a basic workflow between 2 Jetson would be for me:

Jetson_1 <=> GPIO Pins <=> COM Module 1 ==> wireless COM <== COM Module 2 <=> GPIO Pins <=>Jetson_2

I have already used GPIO pins to communicate with piezoelectrical mirror system, this system used I2C protocol to send command to the motors.

My second question was: are these pins accessible directly on the module (the System On Module part, size of a credit card) or does it need a carrier board anyway (I guess it does as I don’t see how in the module card I could access the gpio).

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  1. Sure, you can use the GPIO pins for the function they support (SFIO column in pinmux sheet as you can see)

  2. Yes, a carrier board is necessary to bring out the GPIO pins to a connector.

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Thank you very much for all your answers. Helps me to look for the right info.