UYVY for cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage in 32.2 SDK

I use 28.2.1 SDK with cuda-9 for image processing on cuda and h264 encoding. Image from our cameras can be in uyvy or in yuyv formats.

Now I try to update our code for 32.2 release and faced with problem:
When I try to pass dmabuf to CUDA - cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage function fails with 801 error (not supported) if buffer have uyvy color format. If color format is yuyv - it works.

If I will store uyvy data in yuyv buffer NvBufferTransform will doesn’t work correctly and video encoding will unavailable.

How I can resolve this issue?

Please make a patch on tegra_multimedia_api samples so that we can build, run the samples to reproduce the issue.