V-ray performance on GPU

With 3ds Max 2018 and the V-ray 3.60, I ran a simple rendering job where the frame size is HD (1920x1080). On a Sandybridge 8-core cpu (with hyperthreading it is 16) which is rather an old CPU, the redering took 16 mintes.

I also, ran that on a PNY Quadro M2000 and I checked that the GPU is fully loaded. It took 13 minutes to finish the job!

So, does that comparison make sense?

actually have the same question. So there are a lot commercial renderfarm https://rentrender.com/gpu-render-farms-list/ and CPU time cost more than CPU time. But when ask them about difference all says something like that “All depends on … 1000000 detail”

Assuming that this is a single GPU installed in the system, there is a load placed on the GPU as a display device as well.
Please reference this information https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY3MAX/Set+Up+V-Ray+RT+GPU
There are options for hybrid mode and optimizing your workflow to improve render performance.

The Benchmark tool:

To compare results with others:

Top of the line NVIDIA GPU benchmarks:

I ran the official V-ray benchmark on both CPU and GPU.

Xeon 8-core (16 threads)
Sandybridge 2660 (v2)
Price is $190 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAC3K5202140

16 GB

PNY M2000 (maxwell)
700 cores
Price is $400 https://www.amazon.com/PNY-quadro-m2000-gddr5-vcqm2000-esppb/dp/B01ECDW5NK

Tyan 7059 http://www.tyan.com/Barebones_FT77AB7059_B7059F77AV6R

Now what was the result?!

[b] CPU time: 3 minutes and 11 seconds. See the screen shot at https://pasteboard.co/GSI8c7O.jpg.
GPU time: 5 minutes and 21 seconds. See the screen shot at https://pasteboard.co/GSI7Zvj.jpg.

Is there any idea about the bad result of GPU? It is really strange.

please review the GPU and CPU configurations that others have posted with similar benchmark runtimes here …

So that actually confirms what I achieved.
An important question now is that why a $400 gpu defeated from a $200 cpu while the cpu is rather old and the application is actually GPU friendly.
I have another experience with Abaqus (engineering software) where the M2000 runtime was about 25 minutes while using 4 cores of the cpu had 10 minutes.

May I ask In what circumstance, using M2000 is beneficial?


Mansoor from Nvidea Tech support chat has sent me here with my issue.
For some reason my graphics crash and I get artefacts all over my screen when using Vray for CPU based rendering. I find this bizarre as the GPU is only under 3-4% load. What is causing this and how do we fix it?

Ive tried all of Chaos Group suggestions. Ive spent £800 on upgrading my system. Ive had my system fully diagnosed and every piece of hardware tested. The repair shop fixed it by installing an older version of windows 10. I installed the latest drivers and my software. The issue is there again. This only happens when I do CPU rendering with Vray ADV 3.6. GPU rendering is fine. GPU simulation is fine with realflow.