V20.7 vs v19.10

Are the PGI compilers in HPC SDK 20.7 backward compatible with 19.10 PGI compilers? Are there any significant differences between these two versions?

Hi Amit,

Not sure what you mean by “backwards compatible”, though with like all our versions, there are improvements and differences between newer and older releases. Specifically between 19.10 and 20.7, some of the major changes are:

  1. Re-branding PGI to NVIDIA HPC SDK Compilers and package with NVIDIA profilers, math libraries, and nvcc.
  2. New C compiler ( beta in 19.10 ‘pgcc18’) is now the default (this occurred in 20.1)
  3. Addition of support for ARM processors
  4. Support for C++ standard parallel language constructs with offload to GPUs
  5. New OpenMP runtime (NVOMP), also from 20.1.
  6. cuTensor with Fortran intrinsics


Thanks Mat,

The reason why we asked this question is we are space limited on our servers and don’t want to keep older versions if there are no incompatibilities with newer versions. If there are enhancements and fixes only in 20.7, then we can safely remove v19.10.


Sounds good. I can’t guarantee that we didn’t break any code since regressions do happen, but if you’ve tested 20.7 and are confident, you don’t need to keep 19.10.

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