V2L4_PIX_FMT_GREY and NVBufferCreate

Is there anyway to create a buffer using NVBufferCreate that matches V2L4_PIX_FMT_GREY: a single plane of Y values only. The enumerated codes for NvBufferColorFormat (Tegra Multimedia API, JetPack 3.1) do not have a grey equivalent. What is the recommended Color Format to use with a V2L4_PIX_FMT_GREY format camera?

Hi carcher18a4s,
You can use NvBufferColorFormat_YUV420 or NvBufferColorFormat_NV12
NvBufferColorFormat_YUV420: Y/U/V planes
NvBufferColorFormat_NV12: Y/UV planes

Please also refer to tegra_multimedia_api/include/nvbuf_utils.h for APIs

Thanks. I was able to make that work for my application.
I would like to request that the developers add a grey-scale and/or Bayer buffer type in the next release.

Hi carcher18a4s,
Please share your usecase which requires grey. Is it a Deep Learning model which requires grey input?

Sure. We are developing an airborne imaging system that uses two thermal cameras, which produce a single plane image. Our initial plans are to use the thermal grayscale images for simple hot object detection and tracking. Our product roadmap includes adding object recognition and classification based on thermal characteristics. We migrated to the Jetson (from FPGAs) specifically to take advantage of the deep learning it provides. It is what we need to add the object recognition capability to our next product.

It is not in r28.2. We will check and evaluate this feature request.