v384.59 mouse/keyboard non-responsive on upgrade from kernel/stable 4.12.7-x -> 4.12.8-4

on 2 machines with GeForce GT 1030 cards

Model: "nVidia GP108"
	Vendor: pci 0x10de "nVidia Corporation"
	Device: pci 0x1d01 "GP108"

with Nvidia/linux driver


works great with each of


on upgrade to


driver builds ok
system boots ok
grub menu functions ok

but on arrival at SDDM login screen, mouse & keyboard both go dead. no response at all.

switching to Nouveau, mouse & keyboard are ok with newest stable kernel as well.

appears to be unique to Nvidia v384.59 driver with kernel 4.12.8.

Now to figure out why.

So far I’m not noticing any errors in build or boot logs I recognize …

Anyone else seeing this?

Although the mouse/keyboard misbehavior is unique to machines I’ve tested with Nvidia driver in place, I’ve now see OTHER attached-USB problems, also ‘across’ the kernel/stable version upgrade.

I don’t believe this is unique to the presence of NVidia driver.

I don’t yet know if it’s all the same issue, and can’t yet say that NVidia driver is NOT involved, given the frequent driver-breaks-at-kernel-upgrade history we all enjoy.

So, for now – just a heads-up.