V4L2-Ctl Userptr - buffers cannot be lower than 1000000 bytes - why?

Hello guys,
I got weird behavior. Maybe someone of you can explain it?

I have my own sensor driver which works well. But I have different modes, one of them being 1080x420 10bit resolution which throws the error, and the others being for example 1280x420 10bit and 960x540 10bit resolution without error.

When I do V4L2 QBuf, it says Invaled Argument when the bytes of the buffers is below 1000000. Why’s that? Where can I find the place in the source where it throws the error?

This happens in my own C++ program and also with v4l2-ctl with userptr.

Using mmap this does not happen.

Any ideas?
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What’s the error message? Have enable the log to check if can get more information.

echo -n 0xFFFF>/sys/module/videobuf2_core/parameters/debug

jetson@jetson:~$ sudo echo -n 0xFFFF>/sys/module/videobuf2_core/parameters/debug
-bash: /sys/module/videobuf2_core/parameters/debug: Permission denied

I get permission denied error for some reason, with and without sudo. Can you help me on this?

Thanks so far!

Try sudo su first.

nvidia@nvidia-desktop:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for nvidia:
root@nvidia-desktop:/home/nvidia# echo -n 0xFFFF>/sys/module/videobuf2_core/parameters/debug
root@nvidia-desktop:/home/nvidia# exit

This is what I got.

[ 1158.298283] vb2-core: __vb2_queue_alloc: allocated 4 buffers, 1 plane(s) each
[ 1158.298440] vb2-core: __qbuf_userptr: userspace address for plane 0 changed, reacquiring memory
[ 1158.298459] vb2-core: __qbuf_userptr: failed acquiring userspace memory for plane 0
[ 1158.298475] vb2-core: __buf_prepare: buffer preparation failed: -22

Any idea? @ShaneCCC
As a quick solution, I increased the buffer_size, so he does not throw an error, but after DQBuf, the buffer is all zero.
As explained above, the same sensor is working perfectly with higher framsizes above 1000000 bytes.

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I don’t have idea current. What’s the resolution need size smaller than 1M bytes.

As a quick solution, I increased the buffer_size, so he does not throw an error.

I now get data with this quick fix. Is there anything problematic with having too large buffers?
Resolution is 1080x420 10bit Bayer sensor.
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Could you check with mmap to check the buffer size with this resolution?

Sorry, it took me so long.

So I used this command:

v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=1080,height=420,pixelformat=RG10 --stream-mmap --set-ctrl=sensor_mode=11 --stream-count=1 -d /dev/video1 --stream-to=file.raw

And the size of the file was actually 456960*2 bytes, which can be reshaped to 1088x420 10-bit(2byte). So it seems he automatically uses more width. How does that come? The last 8 pixels of each line seem to be 0. (see the picture)

Thank you very much!