V4L2 driver missing after custom kernel flashing

Hi there,

I’ve followed instructions to from https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2017/07/31/build-kernel-ttyacm-module-nvidia-jetson-tx2/ in order to add a missing networking kernel module on my Jetson TX2 (L4T v28.2). Everything went fine with the new added module after flashing the custom kernel, but it looks like V4L2 driver is missing from new kernel.

Any idea if there’s anything I need to do in order to enable V4L2 driver?



hello bogdan0kg3v,

since you had confirm it crashes after customization, you may check the kernel failure to debug which part is failed.

For native kernel compile (cross-compile is just an extension to this), here are some notes:

I mention this because there are a lot of details which might be missed even if you though you enabled the right driver.