V4l2 Sensor driver and V4l2 ctrls

Hi All,

In reference sensor drivers, they used the V4L2_CID_DV_RX_POWER_PRESENT v4l2 ctrl.
It is a standard ctrl and created using v4l2_ctrl_new_std().

The doubts are:

  1. Whether in our sensor driver, we need to create this Control Id or not. How to take the decision on this. Since this is the standard ctrl. When we need to use these standard ctrls??

  2. In Sensor driver, the ctrls creation is anything depends on the bridge driver (vi or csi driver).
    Based on bridge driver, whether we need to create any ctrls in Sensor driver.

Gone through the Sensor programming guide. This question belongs to design of the sensor driver.


  1. Tegra camera framework didn’t need this control.
  2. Should have no any depends with VI/CSI