V4l2loopback doesn't work after installing a new CSI camera driver


I made running v4l2loopback on Jetson Nano, but when I install a CSI camera driver the virtual cam disappears.
$v4l2-ctl --list-devices only show the newly installed camera. If someone familiar with this issue can help me please

Thank you

hello myagmur,

may I know what’s your actual use-case?
it may be your newly install camera register v4l2loopback nodes,
could you please perform v4l2loopback to register another virtual video node again,

Hi @JerryChang

I want to use it for passing frames from a different source.
I tried changing device id under “/etc/modprobe.d/v4l2loopback.conf” but it doesn’t come back.
Would you recommend me to reinstall v4l2loopback or something else?

hello myagmur,

there’re some success use-case to create loopback device, and stream CSI camera via loopback nodes.
suggest you should also refer to similar discussion threads, such as Topic 51875, Topic 47334, and Topic 53025 for reference.

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