Vaio Quadro GPU for CAD

Happy New Year To All,
I’d like to make my laptop into a CAD workstation by installing a modern Quadro GPU and its required RAM.
Here is an image of my Motherboard

And attached is an example of another with the stock AMD GPU in place.
Could an official Nvidia engineer/informed person please help me in knowing which is the most performative GPU compatible with my MB?
I currently have an I73840QM and soon will upgrade to I73940XM, 16GB of RAM and sometime later will upgrade 32GB, currently with Intel XTU I can overclock my CPU so this motherboard is clearly built well.
Though I cannot find any official info it anywhere.

If i am correct, my GPU RAM slots are FBGA-96, so DDR3/DDR4
They’re 8 slots (both sides of MB), after searching everywhere online I found currently the most I can get out of this Motherboard is DDR4 16GB (2GB each chip) at 3200Mbps.
I found this product:
Also, that means 3200 “core speed” and 6400 "Memory clock effective” right?

Ive done a few pairs of Mobile Quadros with I73940XM on pcbuilds to check for bottlenecking and i’ve gotten some good results.
But the question is which of the Quadros fit the BGA profile of this MB?
And then there’s the BIOS issue which I hope, if finding an GPU can be later solved.

Also, one can see to the left of where the GPU should be are missing components such as capacitors etc.
I don’t know how to go about doing this project, can someone assist me please.
I imagine I would have to purchase the RAM from Aliexpress

Then purchase a MXM board with the desired GPU and get an expert to desolder/solder what’s needed to my MB
But then the next hurdle is analyzing the board to know which components to install.
As an amateur this is a big project i’m looking forward to,
I’m grateful for any and all assistance/further discussions
Thank you