Valgrind: unhandled instruction 0xB8A18002

Similar to this post, I’m trying to run Valgrind, but on an AGX Orin. I do get more details in the strack trace though, so I can tell you that this instruction occurs during a call to cudaStreamCreate. Could you please try one of the CUDA Samples that uses streams? I’m running CUDA 11.4.243.

Edit: Valgrind is version 3.15.0 .


Could you try it with Valgrind-3.17.0?
If the issue still happens, could you share which CUDA sample you used?


I’ll ask an admin to install valgrind 3.17. Running sample 0_simple/simpleStreams causes the issue.

Admin compiled valgrind 3.21.0 . That resolves the issue. Thank you!

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