Value unit in the Isaac Orbit demo

“panda_joint1”: 0.0,
“panda_joint2”: -0.569,
“panda_joint3”: 0.0,
“panda_joint4”: -2.810,
“panda_joint5”: 0.0,
“panda_joint6”: 3.037,
“panda_joint7”: 0.741,
“panda_finger_joint*”: 0.04,
dof_vel={“.*”: 0.0},

This is part of the Isaac Orbit demo, and I want to know the unit of the value

Hi @isyourgrace - In the Isaac Orbit Demo, the units of the values for “dof_pos” are in radians for the joints of the manipulator arm and the units for the “dof_vel” (Degree of Freedom velocity) are in radians per second. In the context of robotics, “DOF” typically refers to the joint’s motion freedom in a robot.

In the case of the “panda_finger_joint*”: 0.04, this would generally be in meters indicating the position of the gripper’s fingers.