Variable access in kernel Is the access at variables in kernels mutually exclusive?

Hi everybody, i’m new on cuda developing so maybe my question in very easy for you…

I’m trying to reimplement part of a software using cuda to improve the performance, but at the moment it goes slower…!!
What I was wondering is if in kernel the access at variables passed as parameters in mutually exclusive or is independent?

This is the code:

global void copyPartA(float *esm_jac_pinv, int esm_jac_rows, int esm_jac_pinv_cols, int jac2_inv_cols)

int index_thread=threadIdx.x;
int index_block=blockIdx.x;


what I mean is: is it possible that just only i kernel execution at the time can simultaneously access at esm_jac_pinv? or cuda doesn’t check the access?

Thanks for the help

Andrea from Venice

No it isn’t. Parameters are in shared memory on compute 1.x devices and in constant memory in 2.x. Both have a broadcast mechanism to send a word to all threads of a warp in one cycle.