Variable upload rate on Samba Network file copy

We are using your evaluation board and TX2 with Jetpack 4.2
The samba is configured to share a folder on a NVME hard drive (Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB)

When we upload files on the TX2 from a Windows Computer using SAMBA protocol we observe a lot of flow variation.

The flow rate goes from 110MB/s and goes down up to near 0MB/s during many second.

In download operation there is no problem, flow is constant.

We have made the same tests replacing the TX2 by an other computer and there is no variation too.

Any idea of the source of the fluctuations ?

2019-11-27 17_08_56-Clipboard.png

will you see this fluctuation if you mount the samba on emmc?

We have made the test and results are similar.
You can see with pic attached

For us the problem is linked to the network part.

Here is our global problem:
We are using a Auvidea J140 board and the TX2 with Jetpack 4.2.
On this board there is two Gigabyte ethernet ports.
We have configured a bridge to link the two ethernet ports.
We have real latency problems when our network packets go through the two network interfaces.

You can see on pic attached the test we have made and the flow rate chart when we upload file from PC1 to PC2.
The network is unusable in this way.
In the other way (when we download files from PC1 to PC2) there is no problem at all !
So, we have made a lot of tests and see this flow rate fluctuation with only one Ethernet port.

2019-11-28 09_09_12-Clipboard.png

2019-11-28 09_10_16-Clipboard.png

No idea about my problem ?

Hi nicolas.hilaire.

Issue seems is related with Auvidea J140 board, have you contact with them to get the support?