VBIOS version on GTX 1080 and DP 1.4 support


I have a 1080 FE from the year 2016 with VBIOS - do I need to update the vbios in order to fully utilize a DP1.4 DISPLAY without problems? Is the DP1.3/1.4 support tied to the vbios version or not?

Or is there a different versioning scheme that I could follow in order to know whether my GPU is ready for DP1.3/1.4?

In case a flash would be needed - I only found a windows tool to update the VBIOS (NVIDIA Graphics Firmware Update Tool for DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4 Displays) - and it does not even work with Win10PE (I suppose it needs the nvidia driver installed?) - is there a way to get a NVFlash image to use on linux or am I out of luck?