VBR behavior of Jetson Nano H264 encoder


I have a question about the VBR behavior of the Jetson Nano H264 encoder.

When the rate control is set to VBR,
sometimes the stream is output at a bitrate about twice the target bitrate.

Is there an encoding parameter to fix this?

Gstreamer encoder property is shown below.

omxh264enc name=enc0 iframeinterval=60 bitrate=12000000 peak-bitrate=14400000 control-rate=1 vbv-size=10 EnableTwopassCBR=false EnableStringentBitrate=false insert-sps-pps=true profile=high insert-aud=true insert-vui=true cabac-entropy-coding=true

In the case of the above encoding parameters, a stream is sometimes output at 24 Mbps.

L4T uses version 32.2.0.

We are deprecating omx plugins. Please try your case with v4l2 plugins(nvv4l2h264enc).
Besides, need to confirm your release version. We have r32.2.1 and r32.2.3. r32.2.0 is invalid. If you do see r32.2.0 in $ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release, please upgrade the system.


I could confirm to fixed the output of VBR by using v4l2 plugin.