Vbus connection of USB0 on self-powered device


I have a Jetson Xavier NX with a custom carrier board. We are doing a second revision of the carrier board and wanted to fix some of the issues we had with the first revision.

The problem is with USB0, so the device mode only port which gives us access to L4T Readme and USB Serial, etc. Our Jetson has it’s own voltage regulator and is powered by a lipo battery. We want to connect a PC with a USB-C Cable to it, but neither want the PC to power the Jetson, nor want the Jetson to power the PC.

In our last revision, we did the USB circuitry wrong, so to fix it, we disconnected VBUS from everything and connected GPIO0 to GND.

Here is my question. Is it right to not connect VBUS to anything, or how is the right way to connect it in our situation. Sadly we can’t copy the schematic out of the Devkit Carrier files, as this one also powers the Jetson from USB, right?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi, we can only support the design as included in product design guide and devkit schematic. Other kind of designs are not validated and so can not be guaranteed.

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