Hi all, I am implementing a basic USB2.0 port on USB0 and will use it as USB Recovery…

The image above shows the VBUS_DETECT circuit, i cannot quite follow what its doing?

The Jetson Orin Nano product design guide says the VBUS needs to be level shifted…

It mentions “USB0_+/–”

But it seems the VBUS DETECT is simply connected to the high side of a mosfet which is turned on when VBUS goes high?

Am i right in saying that the arrangement of open drain GPIO on the orin, the mosfet and connection of VBUS to the gate of the mosfet is in itself a “Level shifter” …

This is all we need for VBUS detect?

Yes, it is for VBUS detect. And mosfet is a 5V to 1.8V level shift to 1.8V OD GPIO pin.

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