VDD_12V out condition


I am asking about the VDD_12V supply conditions supplied through the PCIe connector.
All other power supplies are normal, but only VDD_12V is disabled, so I am questioning.
Jetson orin CVM connector#A59 (PCIE_12V_EN_N) continues to show a “High” level, but I am inquiring whether VDD_12V is not output due to input conditions other than the PCIE_PRSNT (H60) signal.

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This is a custom board (I designed it myself)

I don’t get what you mean. It depends on how you use PCIE_12V_EN_N to control 12V output on your board. If this can not be reproduced on devkit, it might be your design issue then. You can compare your PCIe power supply and slot parts to devkit.

Hi, Trumany

I just want to know under what conditions PCIE_12V_EN_N output from the Orin module is asserted.

I’m trying to delete the entire related VDD_12V circuit, but I want to check if it affects other functions. (PCIe connector is not used)

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VDD_12V is for PCIe only. It can be deleted if PCIe is not used on your board.

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Many thanks for your help

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