VDD 5V Supply to SOMD

I’m designing a carrier section on a mother board to the Xavier SOMD.
couldn’t find any reference on the technical specifications regarding the SOMD 5V supply (regarding max current). i have noticed that Page 35, table 28 of the carrier board specifications - details the carrier board overall current consumption for the VDD_5V supply (9.5A).
i don’t intend to use all of the features that are available on the carrier board, so i don’t want to design a 5V@9.5A power supply, if i don’t have to.i just need the SOM 5V max current consumption.

Please advise.

Hi, the maximum current will be 6A, please take it as reference.


Does this mean that the current consumption of HV supply (for example - 12V) is 0A in 30W mode?

No, the max 6A is just design tolerance.

so what can I assume for the 12V (HV) supply? what is the current consumption I need to design my carrier board for?

6A for MV, 5.4A for HV, that are design tolerance you can refer to.

  1. Do I need to expect inrush currents as high as 5.4-6A?
  2. Will the total maximum power of Xavier be 30W (in 30W mode)? Because this design tolerance is planned for 100W.
  • Yes, better for that.

  • The maximum power depends on use-case, generally it can reach total ~50W, the design tolerance is for reference.

  1. Please dedine the inrush current behaviour. For how long is it? Is it just in power up? Or also when changing ppwer modes?
  2. I’m aware that the maximum possible consumption is higher than 30w, but in my system I limit it to 30w and to 15w (different board) due to thermal considirations. Can I use lower numbers for the currents? Or that in any case the inrush at power up is expected to be this high?
    3.in steady state, if the power mode is set to 15w- than it consumes maximum 15w. Right? This is what your documentation states.


The current also depends on your use-case, 5.4A/6A is for reference, you can do your own design based on your use-case/current.

And yes, the cap power can be set by nvpmodel as you can see in the doc.