VDD value in 6.3 Digital logic of Jetson_TX2_Series_Modules_DataSheet_V1.2

What is the value of VDD in tables 60 and 61 in section 6.3 Digital Logic of the Jetson_TX2_Series_Modules_DataSheet_v1.2?

In the previous section, table 59 Recommended Operating Conditions lists VDDdc as 5.5 to 19.6, but I don’t think this is true for VDD in the tables 60 and 61.

Please point me where to find the value of VDD.


Hi, the VDD in table 60 and 61 means the power supply of pin, it is different to different pin group. You can find the VDD of pin in pinmux sheet.

Trumany, I got it. Thanks!