VDPAU artifacts in MythTV with 358.16


I appear to be having some issues while seeking through h264 encoded videos with MythTV’s player using VDPAU. I get artifacts that I didn’t get in 352 versions of the driver.

Here’s a thread entailing my details (including a bug report on MythTV’s Trac server):

I can upload an example video if need be.

Possibly related?

Possibly, but I’m not seeing segfaults. Also I’m playing back 1920x1080 (1080 % 16 = 8) content just fine, only when seeking do I see weird artifacts (as if not properly seeking to the right keyframes).

It’s possible whoever filed that bug report meant total pixels not being a multiple of 16 causes an issue, in which case I’ve not yet tested for that (and may be affected).

Hi, i have the exact same issue with Kodi so it is not related to MythTV. 352.79 is the last version which does not exhibit the problem. Any idea when this is going to be fixed ?

I’m not sure at all how useful this is, but here’s the VDPAU trace log.
mythtv.log.gz (2.91 MB)

Is this issue repro with latest drivers 361.42 and 364.15? Please attach nvidia bug report.

It is reproducible with all the 36x.xx series drivers. I was able to reproduce it with 364.15 as well as 364.16.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (237 KB)

Any progress on this bug? I can still reproduce it even with the latest beta.

I hate to bump this, but the latest LTS drivers (367.27) still produce this issue.

Can you please test with 370.28 driver ?

Yes, it now appears to be fixed. Thanks for taking care of it.