VDPAU support on the TX1

Linux for Tegra (L4T) R23.2 seems to lack support for VDPAU. Is VDPAU supported or going to be supported on the TX1?

Hi lmpg,

The VDPAU is not supported, but you can try to use Gstreamer to see if can help on your user case.


Thanks for clarifying.

I see that GStreamer internally uses OpenMAX through the gst-openmax (for GStreamer 0.1) or gst-omx (for GStreamer 1.0) plug-ins. Can OpenMAX be used directly for video encoding and decoding instead of GStreamer? Is it officially supported?

Some have had mixed success in using it, but OpenMAX is not supported on the Jetson platform.

Thank you for the additional information.

We will give a try to GStreamer and OpenMAX and see which framework better fits our needs.